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Privacy and Security

We collect no data. Or more clearly, we collect no usage data whatsoever. Email Archiver does not even check for updates automatically. (The App Store does do update checking).
We do get some email addresses and other basic information during the sales process for Email Archiver Pro. We use this information about once or twice a year to email people about new products, etc, using an email service that has opt-out. Purchases made on the App Store do not give us any information at all about customers.
The emails rendered by Email Archiver may have embedded content that is only accessible by going out to the internet to get it, so when an email has embedded graphics, they are fetched. Without that, the generated PDFs would have giant holes in them, with missing content.
One nice thing is that the resulting PDF does not visit the internet, and the graphics, etc embedded in it are frozen in, so that even in a decade the email will still look correct.
I am thinking of trying to add a checkbox to not render internet content, but this makes some emails completely blank, and others unreadable.
If you disable web access, Email Archiver will create emails as best as it can, with missing graphics.
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