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Archive OS X Email

Email Archiver version 3 is out. Please use the new site.emailArchiverPro-logo

Your email is valuable. The format that it is stored in with Apple Mail is neither future-proof nor accessible. Use Email Archiver to create an archive of all your emails, or just a few folders. We have rewritten the application; it can now talk directly to IMAP servers, in addition to local folders (No more dependency on the mail app).


“Email Archiver is simply perfect and is the only “Apple Mail companion app” that does what we expect from it: Archive tons of mails, fast and easy, in universal PDF format, with their attachments, well sorted by month and date. Period. … Again, thank you so much for your VERY PROFESSIONAL support. ” –JF

“Wow, now that’s service! Thank you very much.  This worked perfectly!  I really appreciate your prompt response and excellent product – it was extremely useful in this discovery process. ” –NP

Its simple. Launch the application and press the start button to create an organized folder of PDFs, one for each email. Email Archiver works with Apple’s Mail, storing your emails as PDFs. It makes them compatible anywhere you can open up a PDF, not just with Mail. Emails are stored hierarchically in the same way that your email is organized in Email archiver makes no changes to your Mail Folders. It simply scans through your thousands of email messages, creating a PDF for each one. It installs no special software, nor does it require to be running.

Built on 10.10 and tested for OS X 10.8 to Yosemite 10.10 If you have an older OS, we have a version that runs back to 10.6.8. 

We have done some tests with Microsoft Outlook for the Mac, and we now support this configuration!

Also check out mbox file support. Turn a monolithic mbox file into PDFs and attachments!



Email Archiver is also sold and supported by Ironic Software. Ironic software also makes Leap, Yep and Fresh.

We are also the creators of Spotdox. Spotdox is a Dropbox add on that allows you to spotdox-logo2access all the files on your Mac from anywhere. You can also remotely move items out of your Dropbox onto your computer, freeing up space while on the road. The system can punch through firewalls and works where ever Dropbox works.