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mbox File Support

Email Archiver can now take ‘mbox’ files and turn them into PDFs.

mbox files are large monolithic files that hold one to many thousands of emails in one file. Many email clients can export mbox files for a particular folder of emails, or an entire email account.

To use – just start Email Archiver, then drag an mbox file (MUST have the extension .mbox) onto the small main window. You will be prompted for a folder to save all the PDFs into. It also creates a folder full of all the .eml files for that mail box, in a folder called ‘000_eml_files’. You can erase that folder when you are done, if you like. Its ok to drag the .mbox packages exported from onto Email Archiver.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 12.37.28 PM

REQUIRES: Email Archiver Pro 2.6.3 or later (Email Archiver 2.6.3 from App store will also work once approved).

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